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Providing leaders with pathways to:

  • propel productivity,

  • level up leadership, &

  • transform teams.

Transformation in life and leadership starts with analysing current situations, raising self-awareness and uncovering hidden challenges. Working with me, I take a scientific approach to your development. We assess, measure and track your leadership and productivity progress so that the impact of our partnership is clear and tangible. 

Understanding your brain, and the way in which it is helping and hindering you, is the key to mastering your mindset and developing excellent leadership practice.

I will equip you with all the tools and support you need for peak leadership performance, positive mindset, enhanced wellbeing and vastly improved productivity. All of this whilst freeing up more time for you.

Take the first step today towards a meaningful, goal-focused & successful life and leadership.



Which program is right for you?

I help my clients through online courses, group coaching programs and 1:1 executive coaching packages.  


Propel Your Productivity

A 6-month online program with a blend of taught course content, group coaching and 1:1 coaching, to help leaders understand their brains, master their mindset and propel their productivity. Assess your productivity for FREE and receive immediate feedback

Level Up Your Leadership

A 6 or 12 month 1:1 Executive Coaching Program where we analyse current leadership strengths and areas for development, and create a personalised program of learning and coaching; ensuring maximum impact for your leadership and organisation. Assess your leadership for FREE and receive immediate feedback.


Team Transformation- Culture Evolution

Through a blend of 1:1 Coaching and team coaching with your leadership team, I guide you all through the proven process of involving your entire organisation to take ownership in transforming organisational culture. Book a FREE strategy call to discuss your needs. 

Propel Your Productivity Program

Gain clarity, calm, focus and purpose in life and leadership as you learn to:

  • understand your brain
  • master your mindset
  • hone your habits
  • develop proven productivity systems

Level Up Your Leadership

Discover your leadership strengths and areas for development. We leave no stone un-turned in your journey to leadership excellence. You will become more self-aware, strategic and understanding in your leadership. Together, through a supportive & confidential coaching relationship, we take your leadership to another level, so that you feel confident to manage your workload and teams effectively.


Team Transformation- Culture Evolution

Organisational culture, alongside leadership, is the most important factor in determining the success of organisations. Culture can single-handedly cause the success or downfall of strategies. However, most leaders don't know where to begin with developing a dynamic, vibrant and successful learning culture. I take you and your leadership team through a tried and tested culture transformation process, involving your entire staff. 


About Leah

Leah Tomlin is an award-winning business owner and certified Executive Coach, named in the Brainz 500 Global list for top business leaders and entrepreneurs of 2021. Leah runs an Executive Coaching company where she helps women leaders across a wide range of sectors to transform their leadership and their lives. 

Leah is a published Neuroscientist, qualified Head Teacher, and Executive Writer for Brainz Magazine. Her expertise lies in leadership, business, neuroscience, and learning. She is passionate about gender equality, helping women to excel in life and leadership, feel inspired in their roles and achieve personal and business goals beyond their expectations.

Leah feels the current demands on women leaders are great but loves nothing more than to see them rise to the challenge as incredible leaders in a world that desperately needs more women in leadership positions. Leah is a single mum to her 3 young children so understands the pressures of juggling it all.


What People  Say About Working With Leah

My clients' success speaks volumes.

"It can often feel lonely as a female leader but having a wonderful coach in Leah, who is there to talk through things honestly and openly, has helped me identify and respond to difficulties creatively. Our sessions are challenging but she is also able to make them fun! I always walk away with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for my work. I have loved Leah’s warm and empathetic approach. I find her style very engaging and would fully recommend coaching with Leah.”

Claire Bloor


“As a psychologist and L7 executive coach myself, I was immediately impressed with Leah's qualifications, personal coaching purpose and style of discussion. Our initial meeting was exceptionally helpful in supporting the actions I needed to take to help move me towards a decision; and the continued support was first class. I would reach out to Leah again for personal and professional development coaching without hesitation.”

Dr Natalie Campbell

Psychologist, Academic, Consultant

"I have experienced and recommended Leah’s gift for coaching many times because she is able to combine neuroscience and a highly sophisticated range of coaching techniques. She’s a coach who keeps studying, developing and learning, so uses multi- layered approaches tailored to fit the client. 

She is able to communicate verbally better than any coach I have worked with. You will find Leah to be magnetic. She is a gifted coach. Ethical, boundaried and the best solutions-focused coach around in my view."

Claire Stewart-Hall

Business Owner, Equitable Coaching

“Leah very effectively drew out the main issues, was able to frame them in a manageable way and really, astonishingly, got to the heart of the problem very quickly. Leah’s coaching strategies have been really effective in helping me to see my own involvement in the dynamics of my team. I have been reflecting on this and now adapt my behaviours in situations. I am so much more aware of my need to be assertive and to deal with issues as they arise. Leah has shown we can all use strategies to have better relationships in work. ”

Matthew Green

Deputy Head Teacher

“I absolutely recommend coaching with Leah. Her coaching has given me the opportunity to reflect on my business in a more objective way. It has helped me develop a more strategic approach to the growth and direction of my business.

Leah has shown me that I need to be proud of what I have achieved. She made me feel more positive about my abilities. I now have a much clearer idea of where I need to go long term with Fuchsia Beauty and have a ‘daring to dream’ vision for it. She has enabled me to have clarity and a different way of looking at things. What’s more, my clients are seeing results and my business has grown! ”

Jenny Shaw

Business Director, Fuchsia Beauty

“Leah provides coaching that supports way beyond the coaching sessions. I now feel like I have not just a coach but a critical friend who really cares for my development. The impact of her coaching shows in my every day work. Her understanding of how we learn has helped me progress in ways that will never leave me. Incredible value for money in terms of the impact it has made to my business.”

Alison Clarkson

Business Owner, Alison's Kitchen & Marketing Manager, BUPA

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